People behind the library project

A handful of people work as volunteers on the library project, in addition to the project coordinator, Aino Roivainen. Volunteers play an important role in the implementation of the project. The volunteers bring out their own skills and personality in an interesting way in the project. The volunteers’ various skills and contribution to the project enable the project to be executed.

Marita is responsible for social media communications and produces content for Instagram and Facebook. Continuous learning and education have always been a significant part of her life; therefore, the library project holds great importance for her. Marita has had opportunities to travel abroad and has also met people from various cultures. During the project work, she appreciates the opportunity to learn more about Ghana and the town of Nyakrom. Art, painting, and nature are also important factors in her life. She also enjoys different kinds of DIY-projects at home, as well as cooking.

Nea’s responsibilities include planning and implementing the project’s marketing and communication efforts, as well as acquiring partners and sponsors. She also assists with additional tasks and other ongoing matters. Nea is a university student from Turku. In addition to her studies, she is involved in multiple projects. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog and friends. Cooking, going out, and traveling are also important pastime activities for her.

Anni writes blog posts about the library project. She has a background in various volunteer and organizational activities. Small actions for a better future are important to her. The library project combines the promotion of sustainable development goals and the significance of education, which are important aspects to her. Trekking, reading, and traveling are important activities to her. Different street dance styles such as dancehall and commercial dance are also hobbies of her.

To implement the library project, all parties are needed, and different people have different areas of expertise and tasks. Follow the project’s progress by reading this blog and following the project’s Instagram, X and Facebook accounts.