Sponsor Presentation: Barona

Building a library together with Barona!

Partnerships are the key to development and prosperity. Our most recent partner, Barona, is supporting our library project to support opportunities for learning and wellbeing.

Barona is a service company founded in 1999 that revitalizes the working life with comprehensive solutions supporting the growth of both individuals and businesses. These solutions encompass services related to employment, learning, and well-being, as well as versatile solutions.

Barona makes the world more predictable by solving companies’ challenges with a wide range of technology and service solutions. Barona is a significant international workforce recruiter and the leading provider of relocation services in Finland.

Barona leads the way and creates new ways of working and employment. Barona builds careers and develops expertise while being a significant provider of adult education in Finland, training over 3,000 people annually for new professions.

Barona is one of the largest employers in Finland and the country’s largest personnel services company. Barona operates nationwide in Finland with over 30 offices and internationally in nine countries. The workforce in 2022 was 12,598.

Barona consists of several independent companies that operate in the market under their own names. In addition to Barona companies, the Barona Group includes entities like Saranen Consulting, Arffman, Talentgate, FREE.fi, and Finland Relocation Services.

Barona is part of the Bravedo community, which consists of nearly 40 brave companies. Bravedo companies help create entirely new technological applications and business solutions.

Thank you Barona for your support!