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Embark on a journey of empowerment with the Library Project at Nyakrom in Ghana. Our mission is clear: to build a gateway to knowledge and opportunities by establishing a library that nurtures young minds. By bridging the gap between potential and resources, we create a legacy of learning and growth. Join us in shaping a brighter future through your support and contribution. Together, we transform lives and ignite the spark of education.

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Library Project

Nyakrom Methodist “A” Basic School, located in Nyakrom, a town in the Agona West Municipal District of the Central Region of Ghana, was founded in 1917. The school has almost 700 pupils. The school is among the best in the area and is successful in sports such as soccer. The school’s curriculum is promising, and every year many pupils graduate and go on to study at well-known Ghanaian colleges.

Education is the cornerstone of empowerment that transcends borders. Yet without the availability of a library and books, Nyakrom students are denied the key to unlocking their potential. Our mission is clear: to bridge this knowledge gap by building a paradise of learning – a library that acts as a gateway to new worlds, fresh ideas, and limitless possibilities.

Reading books benefit kids’ abilities to learn and write and pursue their eagerness to learn. The school already has a place reserved for the library, yet they need help constructing it. They need plywood, board, ceiling buttons, nails, louver frames, glasses, concrete, carpenters, paint, three ceiling fans, shelves, desks for kids to study, a computer, burglar proof, and books.

Constructing a library for the pupils and the entire village of Nyakrom would significantly impact the community. By cooperating, we can help spread the joy and benefits of learning. Even a modest contribution can positively impact the advancement of the library project and help fulfill the aspirations of the Nyakrom villagers.

The library project is more than just construction; it is a testament to the collective belief in the potential of each student. It symbolizes unity, progress, and an unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or advocacy, is an essential step toward turning dreams into reality. Let’s write a new chapter about opportunities, empowerment, and promising education.

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Together, we are building a library and creating a legacy of learning, growth, and sustainable change. Thank you for being a part of this journey.


Would you like to help Ghanaian children and the whole village of Nyakrom?

Without books and the library, kids can’t pursue their learning and writing abilities to their full potential and pursue their eagerness to learn. The project’s objective is significant and life-changing for the villagers – a library providing a gateway of knowledge, skills, and unlimited possibilities.

Donating to the project can help the entire village get the necessary library. The importance of the library is significant for the whole town, and it will continue to be relevant even after the project, enabling the development of writing and reading skills and facilitating continuous learning.

You can donate the amount you want to the project via the GoFundMe website.

If you want to donate directly to the Finnish Education Outreach ry bank account:

IBAN FI73 5730 0821 2510 85 (Osuuspankki)

  • As a message, please write: Library

Money collection permit no RA/2023/846 (according to Money Collection Act in Finland) Pienkeräyslupa RA/2023/846


Nyakrom School Library

Construction work incl. all material3500
Laptop, pencils, notebooks 500
Freight, shipping, duty to Tema harbour (Ghana)3000
Transportation to Nyakrom (Ghana) 600

You can support our work by becoming a member or by making a financial donation – no amount is insufficient as one Euro can be helpful to our cause in Ghana.  Our operations are transparent and the money will be used for education in Ghana. You can follow us on our website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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Library Blog

Unlocking the power of books: importance in learning and self-development

Unlocking the power of books: importance in learning and self-development

Books are obviously the key asset in the implementation of the library project. Books in English are shipped from Finland, and donated to Nyakrom and displayed in the library when it is completed. Book donations are accepted from, for example, libraries. The type of books is not limited in any way, so all kinds of…

The wider impact: How the library benefits the Nyakrom community and beyond

The wider impact: How the library benefits the Nyakrom community and beyond

Libraries play a vital role in enhancing the overall well-being of the community. They offer information, materials, space, and services for everyone to use. Free information is crucial for development. Libraries preserve history, cultural heritage and scientific knowledge for everyone to utilise. The library can also be considered an important spatial service for the development…

The library project and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The library project and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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The current state of the library building, the construction plan and budget

The current state of the library building, the construction plan and budget

We’re well aware that big dreams require significant support, and we’re reaching out to our community and beyond to make this vision a reality. A dedicated room at Nyakrom Methodist “A” Basic School awaits its transformation into a vibrant library teeming with knowledge and possibilities. However, while the space has been reserved, the resources are…

People behind the library project

People behind the library project

A handful of people work as volunteers on the library project, in addition to the project coordinator, Aino Roivainen. Volunteers play an important role in the implementation of the project. The volunteers bring out their own skills and personality in an interesting way in the project. The volunteers’ various skills and contribution to the project…

Work for implementing the library project

Work for implementing the library project

Finnish Education Outreach has initiated a library project for Nyakrom Methodist School. The project aims to construct a library in the school. Even though the school provides necessities for the pupils, they cannot reach their full potential without the library. In addition to the school children, the entire village also benefits from the library. Building…

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