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Discover stories of inspiration at this school. Here you’ll find stories of growth and motivation. Reading these tales will show you how education can bring dreams to life, how community support strengthens ambitions, and how the library project spurs even more transformation. The stories on this page provide a vivid depiction of the past, present, and future of Nyakrom students and teachers, highlighting the impact of learning and the individual potential to shape their future.

When the voices of the school and other community members intertwine to share their stories, a familiar verse emerges – the undeniable impact of education and a shared vision of a brighter future. The library project is more than just construction; it is a testament to the collective belief in the potential of each student. It symbolizes unity, progress, and an unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or advocacy, is an essential step toward turning dreams into reality. Let’s write a new chapter about opportunities, empowerment, and promising education. Together, we are building a library and creating a legacy of learning, growth, and sustainable change. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

James Ackom

James Ackom emphasizes the continued commitment to excellence that has become an integral part of the Nyakrom School. Regarding the vision for the library project, Ackom states, “We must have a library so that we can honor the school and also help future children learn how to read and write.” Ackom’s words emphasize the dual purpose of the library project – as a tribute to the school’s legacy of success and as a catalyst for the growth of future generations. His vision goes beyond books and emphasizes the transformative impact of the library in nurturing foundational skills, empowering students to embark on journeys of literacy and self-discovery.

Eric Egyir

Eric Egyir, a student at Nyakrom School, emphasizes its distinguished reputation in the community and region. It excels in both sports and academics. Egyir passionately emphasizes the school’s vision of an innovative library, a concept that goes beyond mere bricks and mortar. He envisions a space that enriches teaching and learning and paves the way for holistic improvement. To quote Egyir: “First of all, it helps make learning interesting. It also helps students improve their vocabulary. It also helps them speak good English all the time.” Egyir takes a proactive stance and stands in the front row as an advocate for his fellow students. He sincerely appeals to all who are genuinely interested in raising the standard of education of students.

Stories - Abigail

Abigail Yaa Dzifa Alipui

Abigail Alipui lauds her school for its success in preparing students for great middle schools. She credits its commitment to excellence as the driving force behind this success. Abigail aims to bring a library to the school, believing it will get even more extraordinary achievements. To quote Abigail: “I am personally convinced that if we get a library, we will do very well.” This conviction is supported by the belief that the library helps research and improves vocabulary and communication skills, especially in the English language. In appealing to those who value philanthropy and education, Abigail’s words represent the sincere appeal of the students she describes: “We ask everyone listening to help us acquire a library. Thank you.”

Greetings from Ghana

In a quiet corner of Agona West Municipal, nestled amidst neighboring towns like Agona Nsaba, Agona Kwaman, Agona Nkum, and Agona Mensakrom, lies the town of Nyakrom. This unassuming town has been making significant educational strides, particularly with its flagship institution, Nyakrom Methodist “A” Basic School. We have the privilege of collaborating with James Ackom, the driving force behind the school library project in Ghana, which is set to transform education in this quaint settlement.

A Glimpse into Nyakrom’s Identity and Heritage

Nyakrom holds its unique place on the map of Ghana. It is the sixty-second most populous settlement in the country, boasting a population of 22,911 individuals. “The town’s vibrancy is deeply rooted in its history and identity, which boasts a rich heritage in kingship and royalty,” James Ackom shares. The town’s first chief, Nana Nyarko Eku I, is at the forefront of this legacy. Standing proudly in front of the chief’s palace, his monument pays tribute to his instrumental role in establishing the town and expanding its territories.

Beyond its historical significance, Nyakrom is known for its Wesleyan Methodist Church. Catechist Henry Amoa Saah played a pivotal role in its early establishment and growth, weaving an important thread into the town’s cultural fabric. Moreover, Nyakrom holds the distinction of being home to Ghana’s first rural bank—a testament to its enterprising spirit.

An Ultra Modern Facility and Educational Milestones

Adding to the town’s academic prestige, a recent development has marked Nyakrom as a hub for educational endeavors. The University of Cape Coast (UCC) has commissioned an ultra-modern facility in the town, designated as a marking center. This move by the UCC reflects the town’s commitment to education and showcases its potential to contribute to higher learning in the region.

Empowering Education through the School Library Project

At the heart of Nyakrom’s educational journey is the Nyakrom Methodist “A” Basic School. James Ackom, an enthusiastic education advocate, has spearheaded the school library project, a transformative initiative that aims to enhance students’ learning experience.

Access to knowledge is a fundamental right. Thus our goal is to provide students with a space to access diverse resources to support their academic pursuits. The school library project envisions a dynamic environment where students can explore books, engage in research, and broaden their horizons. The project aims to empower students with the tools to excel academically and beyond by fostering a culture of reading and curiosity.

A Peaceful and Welcoming Community

In addition to its educational endeavors, Nyakrom is celebrated for its serene ambiance and warm hospitality. “The people of Nyakrom are peaceful and welcoming,” James affirms. This sense of community creates an ideal atmosphere for students to thrive, fostering an environment where growth and learning go hand in hand.

It has become clear that Nyakrom’s journey involves transformation, resilience, and aspiration. With dedicated individuals like James at the helm, the school library project will be a beacon of educational empowerment, illuminating the path toward a brighter future for the town’s students and the community.

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