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Vision and History

Get to know Finnish Education Outreach. Uncover our journey and learn about our purpose and how we assist Nyakrom students in creating their future. Experience the connection of different cultures, the influence of education, and the capability of making a difference when working with FEO.

Our vision of Nyakrom’s Library of Dreams

Our goal is to enrich the lives of Nyakrom students, enhancing their education and prospects. Pursuing this vision, we recognize it’s a shared journey. Success hinges on our collective effort to invest, build, and make a lasting impact.

Imagining the future

Education has great potential. We strive to create a learning environment in Nyakrom where young minds can grow, curiosity is encouraged, and learning is limitless. Our library will be the heart of this transformation, where discoveries are celebrated and growth is ongoing. This space will be a gateway to limitless opportunities, a place of infinite knowledge, and a symbol of the belief that each page turns brings a brighter future.

We believe education is essential for a bright future. Building this library is more than just a construction project – it’s a legacy. Every shelf, book, and brick set is a testament to the lasting power of knowledge. Our mission is to ensure Nyakrom students have access to this knowledge for years to come.

Gateway to Opportunities

A library isn’t just a building; it’s a doorway to a world of knowledge and creativity. It opens up Nyakrom students to the outside world, and all it offers. It’s a great place to find books and explore different cultures, distant lands, and ideas.

In our info-saturated world, the library provides a lighthouse to help students find their way. It offers more than textbooks, allowing them to discover new, exciting ideas. Here, they can develop critical thinking and hone their skills for success in school and life.

The library is a place of reading and exploration. The library provides students with knowledge and ideas for new career paths and solutions to big problems. More than just a collection of books, the library is a source of dreams, hopes, and potential. It sparks curiosity and inspires students to become intelligent thinkers and future leaders, ready to make a positive difference in the world.

Investing in future generations

We’re launching this library project to fit our current students, but its impact will be felt for generations at Nyakrom School.

The library offers a promise of a better tomorrow. It’s not just about personal development but breaking barriers of limited resources that have hindered educational opportunities. It’s a knowledge hub, allowing everyone to reach for the stars. Education isn’t a privilege; it’s a right. This initiative is a lasting legacy, a testament to the power of investing in education and believing in the potential of each child.

FEO kirjojen jakaminen

Merging the change

We need you to help us make our vision a reality! Together, we can create something unique. Your support – through donations, volunteering, and spreading awareness – is vital for our library project. 

Every contribution, big or small, helps build the foundation for dreams. Every volunteer hour is a commitment to a better future. When you support us, you become a change champion and an education advocate. You can light the way for those who seek opportunities. 

We need your help to bring our shared dream to life! By joining us, you’ll be championing a brighter future for all. Donate, volunteer, or spread the word. Think of the students you’ll be empowering, the dreams you’ll be helping to fulfill, and the legacy you’ll be creating. Education can be a light source for everyone, and together we can make it a reality.

Let’s work together for this change!

Story of FEO

The journey of Finnish Education Outreach (FEO) dates back to January 1966 when the Roivainen family move to Ghana, a decision that set in motion a story of cross-cultural integration, education, and empowerment. FEO’s founder and chairman, Aino Roivainen was just a baby then, but this move laid the foundation for a mission that crosses borders and ignites change.

Early days

The Roivainen family’s immersion in Ghanaian life is marked by Aino’s attendance at the local school, where she was the only white student. Against the backdrop of Ghana’s post-independence era, the country’s friendly and peaceful atmosphere resonates with a deep appreciation for education and skill development. However, the fact remained that despite the nation’s passion for education, many Ghanaian families faced the harsh reality of not being able to afford the tuition fees that could turn dreams into reality.

History - Aino in Mabel's arms

Aino’s journey took a deep new direction precisely in this combination of cultural integration, educational enthusiasm, and financial constraints. The experiences she gathered etched in her mind a vivid image of the transformative power of education. It was the realization that education was not only a channel for individual growth but a catalyst for social change, a means to narrow gaps, and a tool to break down barriers.

Harmonious beginnings

Aino’s passion for music created the spark that led to the founding of FEO. Renting a house in Accra, Aino brought classical music with her piano. Sibelius’ Kuusi attracted a curious crowd from the neighborhood, culminating in a heartwarming gathering of local children. Aino started to teach local children to play piano. Impromptu piano lessons soon became a vibrant initiative where the children showed incredible learning and adapting abilities. The harmonic notes created by Aino’s piano conveyed an undeniable empowerment message. As the children gathered around, swayed by the mesmerizing tunes, a bridge was unwittingly built between cultures and aspirations. The piano became a communication channel that crossed language barriers and socio-economic divisions.

The birth of an idea

The children who flocked to Aino’s home showed a fantastic learning capacity, and their determination did not suffer from the challenges often associated with limited resources. Each lesson on these keyboards was about more than just mastering the music; it was a lesson in tenacity, a deep thirst for knowledge. Among these young students, 8-year-old Kelvin emerged as exceptionally talented. Kelvin even sketched piano keys on the table for practice due to the lack of instruments. This encounter with Kelvin and his family’s financial constraints gave Aino a profound insight: the transformative power of education in bridging the gap between Ghana and Finland. This moment became the cornerstone of Finnish Education Outreach’s purpose, based on the belief that even the most negligible contribution can mean profound change.

Operating philosophy

Aino, an accountant, understood that bypassing intermediaries and channeling resources directly to those in need was the surest way to maximize their impact. This approach avoided the pitfalls of bureaucracy, eliminated the risk of corruption, and ensured that every contribution, no matter how small, would be a springboard for tangible change. Aino also understood that even modest financial support can lead to profound educational opportunities. The mission was clear – regardless of size, every euro would be used directly to improve the local community. This operating principle resonates with the essence of FEO, where every contribution is a stepping stone toward building a brighter future. FEO believes that change doesn’t have to be big to be effective and that minor actions can make the most significant changes.

Aino in Accras office

Path to Nyakrom

Aino’s long-lasting friendship with Baaba, a Ghanaian lady, became the bridge that connected her to Baaba´s hometown Nyakrom and Nyakrom’s school.  The project found its roots here, where the soil was fertile for change. Guided by dynamic teachers and an inspiring principal, the school has produced nationally successful students and maintained a legacy of excellence.

The spirit of dedication and optimism was palpable when Aino visited Nyakrom Methodist “A” Basic School. The heart of commitment is reflected in the lively atmosphere. Recognizing the opportunities ahead, the FEO board directed its resources to construct the Nyakrom Methodist “A” Basic School library. This commitment marked the culmination of a journey that spanned cultures, harnessed education power and was a testament to the lasting impact that a collective vision can achieve.

The library project taking shape within the walls of the Nyakrom school is not just a structure made of bricks and mortar; it is an indication of a harmonious combination of dreams and dedication. The library promises to open the doors of knowledge, ignite sparks of curiosity and develop a research culture. It symbolizes the fruit of collective effort, the realization of a shared vision, and the embodiment of the philosophy that every contribution can lead to monumental change, no matter how small.

FEO’s history is a story of connections fueled by the belief that education knows no boundaries. It’s a story that illustrates the limitless potential when different cultures work together with passion aligned with purpose. As FEO’s history continues to be written, it is a reminder that every act, every initiative, and every effort can act as a catalyst for change. From piano melodies to library book pages, this story’s echoes resonate with the possibility of creating a brighter, more just future for Nyakrom Methodist “A” students and others.

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People behind the library project

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Work for implementing the library project

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