Finnish Education Outreach

FEO collaborates with educational institutes, teachers, students, companies and authorities in both Finland and Ghana to provide educational services to improve the lives of people in both countries.

Our Mission is to serve as an umbrella organisation to provide opportunities for learning. Our Vision is to become a reliable and good provider of educational opportunities to people.

We believe that quality education opens up a better future for all of us

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Aino’s writings in English

Boundless Boundaries

In Ghana, daylight is from 6.00 am in the morning and darkness descends in the evening around six o’clock. The days repeat like this, one after another and this regular and clear rhythm gives me a deep sleep. Ghana doesn’t have as much artificial lighting as we do in Finland. They can’t afford it. Sometimes,…

Aino koulussa
Aino’s writings in English

Why Ghana?

I accompanied my parents to Ghana in 1966 as a toddler and attended the local school from 1970-71 in New Tafo Akyem, where I immediately noticed I was the only white pupil. My skin actually fascinated the other pupils who marveled and sometimes pinched me in a bid to examine it. Indeed, I was able…

In all our activities, we aim to achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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